Bulldog Unchained

The “King of Villains” Bulldog Milenko, Knubsie Slow, and Tucker bring you comedy, insanity and all out verbal warfare on a weekly basis!

03.25.2018 - Bulldog Unchained - Episode 99 (Knubsie Slow, Tucker Harvey - This is a shitshow!)

March 26th, 2018

Dirtnap Dave is out this week...so we have crazy super-fan, and friend of the show...not to mention, the guy who does our logos and t-shirts...Tucker Harvey, joining us!  We discuss everything from United Airlines killing pets, to Space Force, to a shitload of making fun of Dirtnap!  A lot of callbacks to previous episodes this week!

03.11.2018 - Bulldog Unchained - Episode 98 (Dirtnap Dave, Knubsie Slow - Not working out, Social Media isn’t reality and a bunch of random nonsense)

March 12th, 2018

Today we discuss why I've decided to not work out, and focus more on my mental health and meditation, as well as Social Media not portraying real life and of course our random nonsense train derailing!

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